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JBP is Japanese medical devices company specializing in SUTW (Super Ultr-Thin Walled) NanoNeedles, UTW JBP NanoNeedles, UTW JBP Nano Cannula line of products. Raqwani Medicals is JBP Products distributor in Saudi Arabia. Raqwani Medicals supplies JBP SUTW Nanoneedles, UTW Nano Cannula, JBP Nanoneedles products to hospitals, healthcare provides in Saudi Arabia.

JBP Products Saudi Arabia

JBP Nanoneedles Premiere (SUTW)

SUTW (Super Ultra-Thin Walled) Nanoneedle

Raqwani Medicals supplies JBP Nanoneedles Premiere (SUTW) in Saudi Arabia. The integration of craftsmanship and technology has created this ultra-thin needle to lessen patient discomfort during needling and to minimize hemorrhage and swelling. Pain and bleeding are successfully reduced during needling by an ultra-thin walled needle which lessens friction resistances by a special process of Micron Sharpness.

Its application include Mesotherapy, Placenta injection, Botox injection, Collagen injection, Hyaluronic acid injection and Local anesthetics.

JBP Nanoneedles Premiere (SUTW) Saudi Arabia JBP Nanoneedles Premiere (SUTW) Specification

JBP Nanoneedles (UTW)

JBP UTW (Ultra-Thin Walled) Nanoneedle

Raqwani Medicals is distributor for JBP Nanoneedles (UTW) in Saudi Arabia. Less Pressure, Better Injection for High Viscosity Solutions. Minimizing Bleeding, Swelling, Pain and Discomfort during Needle Injection.

JBP UTW Nanooneedles is available in 34G, 33G, 30G, 27G, 25G variants.

JBP Nanoneedles  Saudi Arabia JBP Nanoneedles Specification

JBP Nano Cannula

JBP UTW (Ultra-Thin Walled) Nano Cannula

Raqwani Medicals is distributor for JBP Nano Cannula in Saudi Arabia. A new generation of cannulas are designed to reduce the damage of hypodermal tissues. Advantage of JBP NanoCannula Treatment include less downtime, less internal bleeding and less stress without pain

JBP UTW Nanooneedles is available in 30G, 27G, 25G, 23G, 22G, 21G variants.

JBP Nano Cannula Saudi Arabia JBP Nano Cannula Specification